1) smile at your sister's secret smile, a bag full of wonders by girls with soul. including works by eva krusche, kitzi, jovana liebe, frl. zucker, myriam fries, daniecell, felicity, palmateer, fee bücheler & sophie friedel. i was overwhelmed while opening it & exploring so many wonderful things within.

2) i recently won a handmade, great looking & also pretty cozy melle zigzag pencil case by johanna tagada at her blog giveaway. thank you again so very much, i usally never win anything & i already found the perfect use for it.


Eszter in ▲lbion said...

Du kriegst ehrlich immer die schönsten Briefe.

Erica said...

Secret smile seems entirely too interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm heading to the link now to investigate more :)

Anonymous said...


Bonjour Johanna said...

I'm really happy you like it ! :)
The bag full of wonders ... looks like something nice to have!

I wish you a nice week-end,

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