fallen snow

playing with double exposure ☃
konica big mini 201


i made this tote bag for jule. she opened her #24 christmas calendar door today, so i can post it now. hope she likes it as much as is do. obvious inspired by the gorgeous serif bag.

for my #24 door she made me a ♥ mix-cd that i'm now listening to…

das bierbeben

das bierbeben at zucker club bremen, 24. october 2009

although the gig was very spontaneous and they played right in the middle of a (boring) techno party, it still was really great

tocotronic - aber hier leben, nein danke (das bierbeben remix)

what i do when nobody is watching

eating to much chocolate

scratching my nose while yawning

sleeping & daydreaming

singing along to my favourite songs

for liz: what do yo du when no one is watching

christmas calendar

jule and i swapped christmas calendars ♥
this is mine she installed in my room… without knowing we booth made brown paper packages tied up with strings.


nina and i did some collaborative & mostly handmade work for the sl3erlin calendar 2010 ♥

zucker club

the zucker club is currently my favorite venue & place for being creative, working & party… sometimes

this love

playing with watercolour ♥


in my neighbourhood

a message after the beep

even though i'm too stressed to blog and post all the photos i've got in queue, i'm having a really good time. hope you make yourself a comfortable warm winter too… staying in bed & drinking lots of hot chocolate ♥


going to bed with a new book tonight ♡

obsolete” by anna jane grossmann with beautiful illustrations by james gulliver hancock

lastnights coffee

i made a illu-collab flyer together with annesubstanz for die charts (myspace), one of our favourite bands, playing at our favourite venue zucker club, on 11. december

really looking forward having the printed flyers & posters in my hands and then finally seeing the band playing and probably starting to cry at some songs ♥

die charts – jacken an!


konica big mini 201 / e6–c41 cross

last summerdays

i finally uploaded more crossprocessed photos from the last days of summer this year in bremen & hamburg. can't wait… only 229 days till next summer.

moi et le bouillotte

i ♥ my hot water bottle!
illustration by frl.zucker


i made a tour poster for annalena bludau with a photo she send me.

potato print

yesterday jule and i did some potato printing on tote bags. it was really fun :) we decided we want to trade bag #2 & #3 for other cute ones from you. so if you like to, just write a comment.


it's getting so fucking cold. time for a new scarf, gloves & more time of the week spent in the warm & cozy bathtube in our sweet bathroom ♥
this short movie i made last year in winter, with my non-hd compact digital camera & imovie editing ;)

little pictures ♥

this is a poster i made for littlepictures, annalena bludau & nadine hermann concert on the 27. october 2009 at the zucker club in bremen.

photo 1 & 4 are pressphotos from littlepictures, photo 2 is a pressphoto from annalena bludau, 3 & 5 are from me.

after i saw them in leipzig in july this year, i'm so looking forward to see them again. they're just so lovely.

i'm moving on

after nearly 2 years abstinence i'm starting to write a blog again. don't know excatly what content you'll soon be able to experience here, but i think i'll post some taken photographs, illustrations, prints… and other things i made. mix it up with personal related posts and some music i like.

so, here we are.