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dispersion / reification

currently reading andreas spechtls stories at fm4 & thanks to lisa, listening to the amazing beak>.

zckr03 – 9lander

schieres 9lander 12" released on zckr records, the label project from my favorite zucker club, with remixes from stig inge, adel akram & shrubbn.

long story

i like to pass that door again. finding out more stories behind the things in your room, about the things in you. going out for a walk at the lake, discovering old photographs on flearmarkets.

this time we will cook by ourself.

days like

eating too much pizza, drinking too much beer.

the day i decide it's over, it's over and i'll forget them…

title quote by sophie calle in contacts vol. 2, 1992.

ausgehtipp, prosanova

bitte besuchen sie dieses wochenende das prosanova 2011, ”festival für junge literatur” in hildesheim. unteranderem spielt hans unstern & es liest neben vielen mir unbekannten auch die wunderbare kathrin bach. (to write in english about a german literature festival seems awkward)

we will shine this time

i wasn't looking for gold

i wasn't looking for gold, i was looking for you.


i asked you if i could take the typical flickr-mountain-photo of you. person from the back standing in front of… you said no, never and we laughed. as we reached the mountain top & you were standing there in perfection, i couldn't resist. though it's image reproduction, another version, it's always you and photographing you keeps beeing unique. the longplay version that i like, the one that takes me through the days.

self – may 2011

my pentax is was working again.



1) smile at your sister's secret smile, a bag full of wonders by girls with soul. including works by eva krusche, kitzi, jovana liebe, frl. zucker, myriam fries, daniecell, felicity, palmateer, fee bücheler & sophie friedel. i was overwhelmed while opening it & exploring so many wonderful things within.

2) i recently won a handmade, great looking & also pretty cozy melle zigzag pencil case by johanna tagada at her blog giveaway. thank you again so very much, i usally never win anything & i already found the perfect use for it.

bw film

“grey is the colour of theory” — vilém flusser.

liksom många fågler…

today is pizza day

reblog, like, me

she said i have to stop the digital image overflow & look at printed photos in books and catalogs instead. so i do. this is my small media diet. sorry for maybe unfollowing your tumblr, but i need to concentrate on works that are actually good & interesting. nothing will change here. i'll keep reading my favorite blogs & tumblrs. comment, quote & feature. i stay with this blog as my photographic diary, the private life of cat & present my selected photographs on a new portfolio soon. i love the internet and you, all the friends & family i found here. meeting you on travelles, having fika and saying hello at our favorite places. this is not a fictional online activity, it's real life & real people in their own beauty. i'm always daydreaming of living together with all of you. but no, although i have an urgent wanderlust, i will not move to berlin yet ;)

it's nice to be seen & it's nice to see you.

thora vukk

robag whrume – thora vukk ♪ on pampa records. that wighnomy brother did it again. with this great release, i wish you all a wonderful weekend.

mountain song

it was isa's birthday & we climbed up the wallberg in the bavarian alps. how far can you see?


tired of your second hand discourse.

well spent youth

Isolée - Well Spent Youth on Pampa Records, what a wonderful morning soundtrack.

wup wup

i'm in love with my new tanzen ist auch sport (dancing is sport too) bag by wup wup. thanks christoph for sharing. it works booth as a tote bag & backpack and is available at parties & through their online store.

galeria autonomica

more photos from the wonderful galeria autonomica vernissage im viertel on 07th may in munich. exhibited photographs by lou jaworski, illustration first photo by arme erde.

days like weeks

i miss you.


only 5 days left to send in your angst / fear submissions for sova magazine n°2. we already have a lot of great works confirmed & i'm really looking forward in making the next paper. though i'm sending sova n°1 sleep out to some magazine stores, there are only some copies left to buy over the internet. thanks for all your submissions, comments, critics & support by now.

jovana reisinger

lovely screenprints & illustrations from jovana reisinger, exhibited through galeria autonomica in munich.

hiding rooms

i only meet you at the strangest places.