potato print

yesterday jule and i did some potato printing on tote bags. it was really fun :) we decided we want to trade bag #2 & #3 for other cute ones from you. so if you like to, just write a comment.


it's getting so fucking cold. time for a new scarf, gloves & more time of the week spent in the warm & cozy bathtube in our sweet bathroom ♥
this short movie i made last year in winter, with my non-hd compact digital camera & imovie editing ;)

little pictures ♥

this is a poster i made for littlepictures, annalena bludau & nadine hermann concert on the 27. october 2009 at the zucker club in bremen.

photo 1 & 4 are pressphotos from littlepictures, photo 2 is a pressphoto from annalena bludau, 3 & 5 are from me.

after i saw them in leipzig in july this year, i'm so looking forward to see them again. they're just so lovely.

i'm moving on

after nearly 2 years abstinence i'm starting to write a blog again. don't know excatly what content you'll soon be able to experience here, but i think i'll post some taken photographs, illustrations, prints… and other things i made. mix it up with personal related posts and some music i like.

so, here we are.