agfa optima

some blurry photos from my first roll of the agfa optima 1035, that i bought on a fleamarket at the end of last summer.

mitt rum

in need of (white) space, i painted my room and re-arranged the furniture. the morning sun will now directly shine into my bed. the photographs were taken before, with my zenit-e.


i just made a postcard for the german acoustic pop band “ich und mein tiger”.

the first video from i might be wrong is out. lovely ♥

light in your life

i made a poster for the light in your life (se) concert at zucker club in bremen out of paper, glue & scissors

i can't sleep

this tales of mere existence cartoon by levni yilmaz best describes my typical sleepless nights (without all the bloody thoughts) & how my body likes talking to me through pain (excpt the pain is located in my head) last night i was awake till 5am, although i had been laying down for 3 hours, trying to sleep. i'm just happy that i've got no job atm where i've got to get up early every morning.