i'm away for one week holiday at the fusion festival now. looking forward seeing your many blog posts in my reader when i come back :) have a great time! the photos are from dyeing tote bags for more screenprinting fun soon.

berlin 2

sunny cozy days with neat breakfast & friends.

bonjour johanna

the other day i met the very inspiring johanna tagada for a tea, an exhibition & pizza afterwards. as we then gave up to find neurotitan in kreuzberg – which is actually located in berlin mitte as we found out later – we went free magazine shopping at voo & went by for a look at kjosk. now beeing back this grey days, i really miss the (berlin) sun & that kind of festival feeling that was around in the atmosphere.
btw: today is johannas birthday, yippey! i wish you all the very best & only wonderful days coming up. bis bald!

berlin 1

2 weeks ago i was in berlin for a long weekend & met a lot of friends and other wonderful people. here are the first photos. a big thanks again to kriesse who let my stay at her beautiful place. the void poster in the first photo is from malte müller.

cold, wet, grey;

c'mon summer… ☂ → ☼ !

fusion 2011

only a few days left till this years fusion festival. bands & acts that are already confired & i like: future islands, hundreds, karocel, kat frankie, pttrns, siriusmo & yelle. oh and i might play some music on monday lunchtime somewhere there.

end of plastik days 2


beeing sick for 4 days now. just staying in bed, not beeing able to do anything.

bags & pizza

2 things i can't get enough of. the new limited sova support bags in white & turquoise will be available over the magazine shop soon.

sea + air

i was happy to hear and see the wonderful sea + air at the cozy wohnzimmerkonzert from bismark 106 some weeks ago.

9 lives

good night

end of plastik days 1

first documented memories from a weekend how it should be.

cats like cats

…and they like pizza too. berlin is beautiful this time. i already met a lot of superior people & i still have 1 1/2 days left. these photos are from bremen, when my best friend came back from her pretty long holiday trip & we sat by the river and had pretty good pizza. i wish you all a very awesome summer. photos from berlin are coming next week.

good reads

“a photographer solves a picture”, stephen shore – the nature of photographs.

katten dagar

sorry for not blogging that frequently lately, but there are again some meaningful things happening in my life right now. one of it is that it's good to be back in the travel mode; this weekend i'll go to berlin for some days & if you like, i want to meet you. please say hello if you are around.


and this doesn't make it any better.

dear mom

i found this photo from 1957 in the local thrift store, on the back is a written letter to her mom:

Für Mama. Im schweizer Speisewagen beim schweizerischen Bier (grosse flasche = 0,10 dm) Auch das Essen war gut und sehr billig. Man merkte, dass man in einem Friedensland war. Im Fensterrahmen: Ein bissschen schweizer Landschaft, wenn auch sehr matt. Wer soll auch nicht hinter meiner Person (frei nach Bruno) verblassen?

For mum. in the swiss dining wagon with swiss beer (big bottle = 0,10 dm) The food was good and very cheap. You could feel that you are in a land of peace. In the window frame: A bit of the swiss landscape, but very dull. Who would not (according to Bruno) fade out behind myself?

after my best friend recognized the letter on the back of the photo, i want to search for more of her photos next time, trying to find out more details about this unkown person from a time that even my mom was nearly born yet.


washing what remains.

alles nur der liebe wegen

small collection on our shared floor wall