this is my autumn mixtape present for you. you can download “autumn leaves & little hearts” here.
then fall in love with at least 2 artists, buy their vinyls, cds & go to their wonderful concerts.
original illustration again by the gorgeous julea dichte. typeface is notdef by facetype.

with the waves in the water

grey sea on my way back to malmö.


rainbow sun reflections two week ago in hamburg. rainy grey sky in malmö today.

on the quiet

lund central, sweden. currently listening to this wonderful radioconcert from mohna.


had a good morning coffee with kerrin at saal2 in hamburg. she's the most wonderful person ever. i miss her. right now i'm having breakfast in malmö again & listening to the lovely searbears at the big ugly yellow couch.


good morning sunny hamburg.

julea & strawberry-lime rekorderlig in hamburg.

lille gunghästen

höst promenad

doro in hamburg.


pizza content again. the best pizza in the world: vegetarisk med kronärtskockor from torno pizza in bremen.

söndags weser romantik

grabbing the sunset at the weser in bremen.


thanks to jule again for this wonderful smaklig birthday breakfast.

vi hade en trevlig resa

i travelled a lot during my short stay in germany. from malmö to hamburg, to bremen, to hamburg, bremen & back to hamburg again in 8 days. next trip will be berlin in 2 weeks, yay!


bremen, germany. still disliking cars, not just in pictures.


the sun was still shining a lot in bremen & hamburg during my birthday visit back home.


fahr weg

on the ferry from rødby to puttgarden. i enjoy looking into infinity.


i'm in malmö for 2 1/2 months now, halftime of my exchange semester. certain things & my friends i miss a lot, but i really don't feel like going back to germany in the end of this year. hopefully i'll find an appartment here, so i could stay a bit longer. after finishing my studies in germany, i'll come back to sweden & stay for longer, definitly. sverige är mycket vacker.


tack för härligt tiden. repeat rewind.


nani at orkanen library, malmö.


late night sneak of a six shoot polaroid story by barbora. shooten with impossible color shade px 70 film.  scans are following these days.

in between

when it all falls into place


barboras in- & exterior. she also runs a photography blog. take a look & follow her! tonight we're going to see u.s. girls, vad kul!

hösten känsla

walking around with nani on one of the last sunny autmn days in malmö.

dear mom

happy birthday! i hope you have a wonderful day, week, month & many beautiful years to come. quit smoking soon, don't work that much & never start reading my blog. i love you.

swedish sahara

barbora & daniel at malmö beach.