frankfurters is a printed collection of frankfurters by catalogue library from london. it comes in an edition of 10 copies only.

nachts sind alle katzen grau

nani and my favorite pizza place


paper bois

coming home

i love my new bed & the room it's in. looking forward to cozy winter days, drinking hot chocolate under the blankets & having more time to updating my blog, haha.

frida & tove

to all my friends in bremen. kom tillbaka snart!


this is bobby. she is awesome. bobby loves sweden, does great design & makes wonderful photography too. we are long-distance penpal, skype & fika friends for many years now. i hope to meet her in person again very soon. and again, and again. together we made up a lot of great plans for the most perfect futures cats can think of. today is her birthday. if you don't know her or her lovely blog already, feel free to take a look. många pussar och kramar till dig min härlig bobby.

golden few

…and like the devil runs from holy water, run from the ones that say i love you.


goodbye mohna. my macbook screen died and this is how it looks like now. mohna still works with an external screen, but i'm a non mobile working cat now. anyone willing to offer me a nice job to earn enough money for fixing this issue?

hello backyard

you look great there, covered in autumn leaves.


late-night kiosk monday. “SP — Self Publishing” from random press is a small risograph printed publication about the history and different types of independent- and/or self-publishing today. i bought it as many other lovely books at the first issue bookfair this october.


pre-Concert fika with tove & frida at marianne.


first issue

impressions from the first issue — “print culture dead or alive?” self-publishing bookfair in frankfurt this october. a paradise for design & art books/zine fans and makers. some kind of printed collective documentation will follow.

publishers shown include rollo-press, random press, manystuff, kritika, monokultur, nieves, hands on papers, shake your tree, grilli type.


der lachende hat die furchtbare nachricht nur noch nicht empfangen / the laughing one just didn't receive the bad news


fourfivex, an iniative for independent thoughts, products, design & art, exhibited their editions 001 of fine prints at the first issue self-publishing bookfair in frankfurt. i just hope there is one of 50 limited print sets left when i can spend money on prints and publications again.

cover me

another flea market footage. another story forgotten. i'm off to berlin to see ja, panik & die heiterkeit tonight. have a cozy weekend.

heal yourself and move

i moved into a new flat today. i'm happy that in the end it all worked out so well. i love my new neighbourhood, the autumn leaves filled backyard & my dark red wooden floor. i didn't answered all your kind requests for snail mail friendships yet, but i will as soon as possible, with my new address; looking forward to the beauty of package & postcard exchange. yesterday my macbook screen & my favorite camera died. now i have to find a nice job to fix booth soon. there are still a lot of photos to blog in queue. the last weeks were just filled with work & worries, where there was no time for updates. i'm looking forward finding rest in my new beautiful comfort zone. before that i will be in berlin this weekend again for distend comfort zones, fika with friends & the taste and the money. i hope you are having adventurous days too.