we all feel lonely

this is how my exhibition looked like.


i'm addicted to tote bags & so i enjoy printing them by myself too. this one i made for a bag-swap with bobby.

fusion 4

the very last roll of fusion photos.


haruko live at the fusion festival 2010. it was mesmerizing & stunnigly beautiful.


b. took this lovely picture of me. i enjoy hiding behind lenses.

thoughtdreams be my parachute

hans unstern live at ms treue bremen

all cats are black at night

interior & illustration by julia. tote bag by mohna.


i've got tagged :) so they call it theese days.

what photo equipment are you using?
my beloved film cameras! the most used one is my pentax sp 1000, with a 55mm lens. sometimes i use my zenit e, also with a 55m lens, or the canon eos 500 n with a 28-80mm lens. and then there are the 3 compact ones: konika big mini 201, agfa optima 1035 & vilia lomo, which the photo above is taken with. the photo is from the first film i developed & uploaded to my flickr. i don't have a digital camera atm.

if you could choose, would you rather be 20% more intelligent, 20% more attractive or 20% more creative?
creativity & intelligence makes people attractive to me. i think you could never get enough from booth.

what's the most important thing in your home?
my macbook and, when i'm feeling cold, my hot-water-bottle & a cute cup of tea.

with which famous person would you like to arrange a photo shoot?
i only like to take photograph interesting peronalities that maybe come out a bit in the picture. for me, the most “famous” people are not that interesting; or what is “famous” again? for me many lovely people are “famous”. but, yeah, maybe just for me.

i'm not into chain letters, so i'm not tagging specific persons. just for all of you:
what would you like to change in your past, if you'd have the possibility to?
and if you could choose, where do you want to wake up tomorrow?

i once made me a formspring account, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. here, there, everywhere.

fusion 2

the fence company at the fusion festival was advertising “fences for europe” – how macabre!

fusion 1

some photos from the fusion festival 2010 following

dripping down

i recently made this small installation, that you can see at neuland bremen