i'm addicted to tote bags & so i enjoy printing them by myself too. this one i made for a bag-swap with bobby.


Stricksogge said...

uhh, das ist hübsch geworden.

Joe's blog said...

DAS mache ich auch sehr gerne!

Bobby Blue said...


le monde de skadiida said...

sehr schön ;)

geneviève said...

this is so brilliant. really though. the colours! they are the kind i dream about. ohh and i wish i could have a dress like this too. cant you start selling them? because i wish i could swap you a bag except i dont know how to make them!

Mirthe said...

I saw it at Bobbys blog and loooooooved it. You're really talented. I just went through your entire blog and I ADORE it. Seriously, your blog is the kind of one I would always look forward to and check randomly to see if you would have posted something because I couldn't wait for it to appear on bloglovin. Your photography is brilliant. What kind of camera are you using atm? It's all really really pretty. I would seriously post everything on Tumblr. I think you deserve a lot more followers and to be honest, I'm quite honored that you're following me now.

This was pretty much a story where I sound quite stalkerish and as a freaky fangirl, but I'm not. I'm just impressed.

Mirthe said...

Oh, and I was wondering, what did you get back from Bobby?

martin said...

@mirthe: thanks for your lovely words ♥ and no, not stalkerish at all.
my cameras:
i'm still waiting for my return-package and i'm very excited!

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