25 things to do while i'm 25

1 — open or join a collective studio work space
2 — find a home
3 — get healthy
4 — pick one sport to get fucking fit
5 — read 25 books
6 — make books on my own
7 — only fall in love when i'm really ready
8 — learn how to bake the perfect pizza
9 — learn how to make mustard
10 — make more lists, write more down
11 — start to make music again
12 — get a cat to cuddle
13 — bake more
14 — plant a tree
15 — get awesome glasses
16 — take swedish lessons på folkhögskola
17 — write at least one postcard to everyone in my address book
18 — cook more good food
19 — drink less alcohol & club mate
20 — be closer to the sea
21 — get another tattoo
22 — make more magazines
23 — reduce lazyness
24 — get a fucking job
25 — stop worrying so much

inspired by jovana reisinger, starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

good luck, boy : D

sara peixoto said...

that's a really interesting list! i should have done one too... i'm in the right in middle of my sweet twenty-five, so i guess it's not yet too late. :)

Johanna Tagada said...

I like this list... Actually I like lists, when I feel stress or anxious I always make one, even if it's full of stupid stuff, somehow it calms be down and I feel better.

When will you be 25?

Joy said...

Mmmm great list. I need to make a bucket list as well.

zuckerpferd said...

21 ans 25 are good ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Martin! I like you very much dear cat! This list was incredibly inspiring - I think I might follow your (and jovana's) example and make one of my own.
I feel I am mentally somewhere like you are atm. Completely reevaluating things, learning that habits, health and hard work (things I used to roll my eyes at tbh) are good things, and taking some things seriously aren't necessarily a bad thing, even though one should never loose their sense of play!

Celsee said...

Lists makes me feel productive, sometimes i follow them and sometimes i don't but it makes me feel good :)

I'm getting a cat soon, excitement! You should too.

dimitra said...

Good luck! :)

sarah said...

oooh was für eine tolle idee - sowas will ich auch unbedingt machen!!
viel erfolg + spaß bei der erfüllung deiner ziele! :)

Magda said...

Det låter som en himla bra lista tycker jag. Speciellt att bo närmare havet.

Joshua said...

sounds like a good list to me!

la fille citrouille said...

happy happy birthday.

beatrice said...

love the idea. I am late for the 25 but I promise to do it for the 26. tomorrow I start swimming so I guess that cross out that one. happy birthday by the way!

jensnikolaus said...

Happy Birthday, Martin!

Anonymous said...

to do list is not my thing. have trouble to make it because i am too lazy to. but, hey, good luck and happy birthday!

i hope i still could see new post from you when you celebrate your 100th birthday, or more.

Jessica said...

Quite an inspiring list you have there boy. Lovely to stumble upon this space. x

ingeborg said...

vad en vackra lista. jag vill också lära svenska bättre...

Bobby Blue said...

A very good list. Lots of luck and fun with it! <3 I hope you had a great birthday.

Helen said...

Tack för inspirationen!

kristi said...

a damn good list.
best of luck getting it all done.

kmimp said...

oh! good!
happy birthday nachträglich. :)

martin said...

thank you all so very much. and good luck with your lists <3

angela said...

ich mag listen :) ich mag die hier auch besonders!

Anonymous said...

Can I be in your address book?

Anonymous said...

i want to be in your address book too

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