i like to have blueberry breakfast with you.

good days

when i'm happy, i don't blog that much.


take the camera & my hand and let's ride our bikes to the lake. daydreams while still waiting for summer.

good reads

a collection of small essays about fear by thomas gann, a – angst: kleiner stimmungs-atlas in einzelbänden.

summer please!

i have a lousy cold since 3 weeks & with this shitty weather it won't go away ever. summer please!

reach a bit further

120 hours, spending 35 dreaming.


the new-old pub some friends build at the fusion festival 2011.

jag saknar dig

jag saknar dig (i miss you) is a very personal and limited zine made by my friend michelle fleming from baltimore. michelle is a graphic design major with a passion for printmaking & bookarts. we both met during our exchange semester in sweden, had fika a lot & shared some safety, some fear. now back in our old homes, we're both missing sweden a lot. in her zine she writes about her personal experience in sweden, the people she met & how all this influenced her. this september i'm going to visit her, baltimore & the u.s. for the first time. i'm so excited!

slow hands

saturday nights best spent with my laptop & you.


nylon korea printed an interview about me. a big thanks to this again. also included, my favorite finnish photographer helen korpak.


vielleicht weil es dich nur als die eine gibt…


a closer view on some details of my beautiful small room, redecorated & most of the time full with light. after 3 years, still a life out of boxes and after 3 years, i'll pack the bags, i'm leaving here. not knowing where to go now, but i'll probably never know… i just hope we meet us there.

hello dreieque

good to see you.

ways out

you think all this nights have made you feel sick, but it's DMD KIU LIDT.


where do i want to go? where do i want to live? i have to keep moving, but i can't decide which way to go. göteborg, malmö, copenhagen, hamburg, leipzig, berlin? i should not worry about it, because in the end everything will be okay. maybe somewhere someone is waiting for me. i feel comfortable thinking about the future and i will make the right choice. photo from berlin.

vi gillar fika

the other day in berlin i met sandra, johan & geneviève for a lovely fika in friedrichshain. sandra & johan showed me their favorite coffee place & afterwards we had tasty beer & cider from a microbrewery nearby. this day was covered with a lot of sunshine & interesting conversations & thoughts about people, their small cultural differences and how they're somehow all similiar in the end. i still think it's funny how many swedish people want to leave their country and move ex. to berlin, and cats like me, who fell in love with sweden, so want to move to sweden someday soon. it was so very nice meeting all of you & i'm looking forward seeing you & berlin again in august / september.

hang me up to dry 2

back from the rainy, but still very great festival week, i'm sick & will stay in bed as long as possible today. sleeping bag is from sova magazine.