jag saknar dig

jag saknar dig (i miss you) is a very personal and limited zine made by my friend michelle fleming from baltimore. michelle is a graphic design major with a passion for printmaking & bookarts. we both met during our exchange semester in sweden, had fika a lot & shared some safety, some fear. now back in our old homes, we're both missing sweden a lot. in her zine she writes about her personal experience in sweden, the people she met & how all this influenced her. this september i'm going to visit her, baltimore & the u.s. for the first time. i'm so excited!


The Imp said...

verrätst du mir mit was für einem programm dieses tolle 'heft' gemacht wurde?!

Bonjour Johanna said...

I remember you told me about her when we met, so I like this post. Her zine seems lovely by the way.

I'm happy to read you will make it to Baltimore.

martin said...

the imp > indesign
johanna > and to berlin in august again :)

Sofia said...

Så himla fint.
När kommer du tillbaka till Malmö då?

Magda said...

Oj vilket fint zine.

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