like stars
if you like, you can vote for my illustration “lovers” for issue n°1 of temp magazine on (german)
illustration based on this photography from ktinka.

smaklig midnatt mat

oat milk icecream oatly & opak magazine



no real pets allowed in my student dorm. really miss cuddling & playing with pets, although i'm a bit allergic to most of them.

tiden flyger

just found this old scans while searching for some photos for a birthday present. melt festival 2005 & bavarian mountain adventures in 2002.

bästa vänner

i really miss you guys. see you in 10 days, hopefully!


tack så väldigt väldigt mycket julea ♥ for making & sending me this lovely sleeping mask & the pretty illustrated instruction where to possible use it. now the morning sun & the moonlight can't disturb my cat sleep anymore. oh, and i got a big crush on this band & this song.


sometimes i wish i was born as a cat.



my room is too small, boring / hospital like & way to expensive. at least i try to make it cozy & comfortable here. i'd really like to move out, share a flat with lovely people, get nice second hand furniture… — but it's not easy to find a flat one month in advance and for just 3 or 4 months from now. so maybe i'll just wait to come home. already miss my house-mates, our house with the kitchen, my beautiful attic room & the fast wifi connection.

paket rädda min dag

packages save my day. tack så mycket to my best friend jule for sending me this lovely farewell mail. (incl. 16 filmrolls & neat silverware ♥)
if you like to exchange little packages, i'd love to! just write me in english, german or swedish, but give me some time – i'm not the fastes cat in responding packages properly from sweden.

ein schwarzes loch in meiner brust

jag älskar soppa

i love soup!

där katten bor

the two very last photos from gothenburg for now.




swedens largest bookbinding company with a beautiful logo type & owl icon.


two more photos from my gothenburg adventures with michelle. det var underbart. like to see the city again in wintertime.

moln ☃

i don't like the coldness.

pizza älskare

vegetarisk pizza med kronärtskocka i göteborg ♥


in gothenburg michelle and i went to the cafe at hagabion and got this delicious meal called “farslimpa”.
“a vegetarian meatloaf made with tofu and mushrooms, a side salad with goat cheese and a berry compote, cauliflower, fingerling potatoes, a creamy mushroom gravy & two other kinds of sauces drizzled on the sides“tofugazi


neatly branded spendrups soda.