cat days

slowly coming back


and we are just little scratches


escape to olganitz 2: nachtdigital festival 14.

flea market symphonies 2

today i badly scanned a lot of disposable prints. watch out for more scratches.

im herz

a new category here, my very favourite blogs around the internet. we start with my current beloved one bass im herz by madame eva zucker.
her very intimate photography about her friends, herself & her life in berlin always catches my breath with every new post. thanks for sharing.

escape to olganitz

yet another kiosk post: the festivalprogram booklet from nachtdigital 14 was very neat designed again. a bit opak-ish afterall, but still it includes one of my favorite typefaces simplon by emannuel rey & also a lovely playful zeitgeisty type setting. the layout is made by yan ziegner.

bremen ⊶ baltimore

this is a part of the outcome from the first double exposure project between michelle and me, between baltimore & bremen. i underexposed a lot of my shots, so you can mostly see what michelle has captured. jag saknar dig! and i'm totally sad i had to cancel my trip to baltimore this fall. right now i'm completely broke, without a job or any clear plans for the short-term future. i'm still looking forward visiting & seeing you again a.s.a.p.! maybe in spring?

days like…

busy in melancholy ⁄ the sun was shining today and i was like…


a sneak preview to sova n°2 — “angst”. you can pre-order your copy here. works shown by sarah bernhard, anna balecho & sara söderholm.


lost ⁄ found

neuland ii closing

i played some music last night at the neuland 2 closing party. photo from last summer.

we're half awake

smile because it happend


for the very best breakfast.

we print

friends from bremer barthaar made another screenprint workshop at the breminale this year. i helped out printing & accidentally covered my favorite clothes with textilepaint again; with love for the printed matter.


anna aka paper bird send me this lovely fanzine package together with her third release thaumatrope.
i stitch i sew i work i glue i put us back together.


ha en trevlig resa

vi ses snart!

eintritt frei

eintritt frei / free entry is an interview about the idea of spontaneous electronic music parties outside & how the society of stupid reacts to it.
the article contains 2 photos from me & is published in the current issue of “zeitschrift der straße”, a quite pretty streetpaper from bremen.