alles wär' so klar.

i'm lost

chérie, j'espère á toi / j'espère á toi, chérie / tout le jour et toute nuit / et moi, et moi, je m'ennui / tout le jour et toute nuit / chérie, je suis perdu

hej hfk

nice to walk through your floors again.

rött ljus

bremen summer 2010


got this note on my mirror in malmö when i came back from my short trip to berlin in november. now i'm back in bremen & it starts to feel like home again. surprisingly my very last days in malmö were a bit like this.

do you ever feel like the highway is calling your name?

pizza festen

new years pizza fest with jule, franzi & green sauce ♥ at torno in bremen.

always everything

i potato printed this bag for my best friend jule. looking forward seeing her again in a few days in bremen.


back at my parents for one day & one week of travelling ahead, since i return to my old home in bremen.

hejdå sverige

goodbye sweden. vi ses igen endag snart. jag är glad att få känna du nu. jag saknar dig redan :(
2 1/2 hours of sleep & a day in the train ahead. i will come back & visit you sometime. stay golden.

reassembling / angst

this farewell kiss feels like a golden handshake.


a big thanks again to barbora & jo for letting me stay at their appartment for the last 2 weeks. this is the view from the balcony. tack så mycket, jag komma tillbaka endag snart.

traum noir

when i checked my mail in bremen over new years, i finally got my copy of traum noir magazine.
it's a small, new & wonderful art magazine from finnland made by helen korpak & antton nuotio.

vi lagar mat

masala with couscous & red wine. ica's fullkorn products are just hypercute.


my heart is filled with something close to divine


another little thing that i appreciate: finding a kanelbullar in your tote bag that you have totally forgotten about ♥


helena made this tasty cake for rotzige beats.

fart party

did i already mention that i'm a big fan of julia wertz autobiographical comics called the fart party? i am & i got myself all 3 books for christmas, which are just awesome. a lot of cheese, beer & not working relationships ♥


had a cozy christmas as usual with my parents. lots of socks, books & tasty vegetarian food. would be nice celebrating next one with some friends.

may 09

some older ones with my † konica bm-201. installation on first photo is from link.

“while sharing the silence, no one goes short.”

the new & the old

let's see what's changed & what's not, or: i wish i was a panda bear, quiet life, perfect hair.

boats leaving home

just booked my for now final return ticket to germany. the strange bipolar feeling gets concrete.

ein leben im liegen

currently lying like this, just not in berlin anymore, but in malmö. having a lazy-hangover sun… saturday with pizza, tea, internet & good movies.


du är fint!

pizza queen

was nice eating a lot of pizza with you.

grey skies

“don't expect me to make you smile, when i'm walking through your door. somedays… i can't smile at all.”

hejdå michelle

crappy scans from underexposed photos, but anyway — sweden & i will miss you. vi ses igen en dag!


maybe my favorite plant.

mercy streets

sweden please kidnap me & don't let me go. photo from göteborg.