ein leben im liegen

currently lying like this, just not in berlin anymore, but in malmö. having a lazy-hangover sun… saturday with pizza, tea, internet & good movies.


Jeanne Kiur said...

och. my lazy day looks the same (:
(maybe without pizza)


Anonymous said...

same here. need to marry you.

MARINA said...

Låter uppfriskande, i'd love to join

Bobby Blue said...

aw :)
Any nice movies that I could add to my to watch list?

My word verification was inkingie. that sounds cute. I don't know why I editted this message just to say this.

martin said...

@bobby: we just watched somewhere & will now maybe watch black swan.
@anon: do so!

Tagwort//Tagbild said...

das leben kann so entspannt sein, gut so***

sandra said...

come to berlin! :)

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

how cozy and good
this is exactly what our saturday was also like
thank god for the ones like this!

Sofia said...

Perfekta söndagar.

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