you, me, pizza.

good life


urs lehni from rollo press holding a talk about self-publishing at first issue.


unexpected sova sticker remix at copy shop during the first issue self-publishing bookfair in frankfurt.

bremen ⊶ toronto

another double exposure project, this time with the very amazing rebecca cairns from toronto, canada. again my shots didn't turn out that well exposed. looking forward to the next project like this.


i spend a lot of time in trains.

always come back

frida & tove from to all my friends are visiting bremen again. they are playing a concert at the urlaub couch club tonight. they make wonderful acoustic swedish indie-pop. if you are around, you should definitely come.

what we are and where

looking for a place to cover, under the trees.


kiosk monday again. this time with the amazing romka magazin – a magazine about your personal favorite photographs, made by joscha bruckert. this paper blew my mind & made my heart go pitter patter while reading all the stories related to the artists favorite photographs. issue n°5 contains works from 36 amateurs & professionals from 19 different countries. they share their photographic treasures, the pictures they love most together with a description about the photograph, the moments and/or their relationship to the people on it. because i liked it so much, i gave away my first copy to a friend as a birthday present & bought another one right away. you should not miss it. works shown by ana cabaleiro, bo bae kim, daniel gebhart de koekkoek, lara alegre & caitlin duennebier.

par avion

i collect international air mail stickers. let's be snail mail friends.

leftovers 2

until your heart is golden

coldness / comfort

cloudy, cold & rainy days / the warmth of your arms


could you tell her i made the headlines says “boy draws wings on everything”.

25 things to do while i'm 25

1 — open or join a collective studio work space
2 — find a home
3 — get healthy
4 — pick one sport to get fucking fit
5 — read 25 books
6 — make books on my own
7 — only fall in love when i'm really ready
8 — learn how to bake the perfect pizza
9 — learn how to make mustard
10 — make more lists, write more down
11 — start to make music again
12 — get a cat to cuddle
13 — bake more
14 — plant a tree
15 — get awesome glasses
16 — take swedish lessons på folkhögskola
17 — write at least one postcard to everyone in my address book
18 — cook more good food
19 — drink less alcohol & club mate
20 — be closer to the sea
21 — get another tattoo
22 — make more magazines
23 — reduce lazyness
24 — get a fucking job
25 — stop worrying so much

inspired by jovana reisinger, starting tomorrow.

everything i need is where i'm going

if these walls could talk

if these walls could talk on the great u.s. girls & slim twig – palmist split release.

summer is old

next: cloudy days. / it all feels the same, again.