my way too small bookshelf got featured at the book-case project. any must-read book tips for me?

miso soup

tasty japanese miso soup as hangover breakfast.

if i'd fall…

would you… ?

fox, zebra & cat

hamburg at night.

these are the things

everybody needs love & affection.

it's all about feeling home

a cozy saturday night with my värme flaska & a big cup of my favorite tea to bring the headaches to bed.

everything goes

as if there is enough time to waste. as if these moments aren't important.


just give me a village the size of a tea cup.


last night i had a dream about packing & returning to sweden, returning to the sea. a dream that you don't want to wake up from, but you do.
i realized how much i already miss sweden, how much i miss the silence & infinity of the sea.

waking up in spring

we write history by passing time that we don't have & taking long walks through last night's big city dirt.

for shelter i do search…

“sorry for my bad english, but my german is even worse.” – new ja, panik lp comming in april, can't wait!
(also for having enough money for developing film again.)


improvised special dinners.

on / off

200 followers. thank you very much.


printing totebags in the middle of the night.


this was

morgon solen

early spring morning sun, welcome back. please stay for a while & make it cozy outside.

this is not a love song

“be drunk… on wine, on poetry or on virtue as you wish.” — charles baudelaire.

painting walls

new beginnings & different stories.

biete mir das wir an

“offer me the we”. words by sophia mandelbaum.


in contrast to swedish cities, it's hard to find beautiful typography on signage in bremen. canon eos 500n & pentax sp 1000.


why can't some people just live next door? lasting sweden memories. vi ses igen en dag.


thanks for couchsurfing here. have a good trip & all the best for you & your plans!


for my first time baking i made super tasty 5 times chocolately vegan brownies, with slightly modified (even more chocolate) soy icecream recipe.


…and i'll be happy because we won't be taking anything too seriously.

heart in your heartbreak

can't stop listening to the new the pains of being pure at heart album. here they are at so tough so cute in malmö in august 2010, playing a dj set after their concert at malmö festival.

i never happend

“there are things about you, that i love.”

hello world

why does it always look like this?

was uns bleibt

i recently made the cd layout for ich und mein tigers new ep “was uns bleibt”.

whatever gets you through the night