Untitled as you might have noticed, i'm not updating my blogspot frequently these days. i have a lot of great work to do & i also got more selective with my photographs i like to share. i'm moving my photodiary to this tumblr now, which will also function as my temporary portfolio. there might be some small updates with an overview of my photographic work here, but mainly i will shut down this blog & enjoy movement to something new. some of the old and all comming magazine/book/gallery/event review-ish posts that i will write soon, will from then on be posted on the new sova magazine blog that will be announced and released soon.

it were wonderful 3 years with you, and i'm so happy to met so many wonderful people (online & offline) through sharing what i love & do. thanks for all the good comments, friendships & possibilities to work with some of you. you can follow my new blog here & if you have something to say, i'm always happy to hear from you via facebook, mail, flickr or tumblr. the private life of a cat will stay online for you & me. tack så mycket!

original photo by evelyn dragan


Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled impressions from the lokalikes start party at brandshof hamburg, including pop up shop.

a sense of scale

Untitled Untitled a sense of scale is a werkplaats typografie publication by julie van severen. it's a short but very interesting essay about measurement systems and how they pre-structure the world. it's neatly printed on 4c risograph & limited to 250 copies. you can get it at the beardshop.

der nacht 6

Untitled are memories something that you keep or something that you've lost?

sticker awards 2011

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled some lost green-ish photographs from the international sticker awards 2011 at the weserburg in bremen last november.


der nacht 5

Untitled Untitled

sova n°3 golden

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled the third issue of self published sova magazine is finally out. this time it includes photographic, illustrative, written and other artwork from 28 artists from all over the world.
for the third issue i, again, was lucky enough to receive support from some very lovely people. jovana & michelle who did the copy edit and jeferson, bernd & i created the editorial design. for making it we worked together at the cozy studio place cabinet amstedam in bremen — a place which i already miss these days. on march 1st we had a release party & exhibition at gallery yerh44 in leipzig, which was a really great event and a very nice time with old & new friends. a documentation about it will be shared in the coming weeks. before this, i also screenprinted some new sova tote bags which you can also find at
works on the pages shown above are by marija šaboršinaitė, eva maria großmann & shradha mukhiya, victor morales, susanna spångberg & alicia rost, me, sarah stone, petra herbert, theda hustede, sina kauri & jenny wildfang.
the magazine is currently on sale and you can get it in our bookshop. for issue n°4 “appeal” there is still an open call for submissions running until april 30. looking forward to your work & support on the way. thanks again for all those who helped to make sova possible and hopefully we will break even one day.