longing for the sun.

räv post

the mail thing with paper & stamps is still the best ♥


sorry for beeing out of (own) words here recently. back in my old surroundings, there are many things that mix-up my feelings these days. a lot of them make me happy, but others make me quite sad. (not only the shitty weather.) it still feels like beeing on holiday in germany and returning to sweden again tomorrow. hopefully this feeling never stops. days passing by so fast & my shedule is already back to normal-stress-mode. i disliking this quick arrival. i'm in the need of more time for travelling, people, me & my camera.


wenn mir am morgen nicht nur erinnerungen fehlen. vi ses igen en dag.

baguette och vin

best friend & tofu baguette with extra artichokes at baguette & wein in bremen.

with my hands in my pocket i feel like a shadow.

itchy feet

missing malmö coast.

“a family's photograph album is generally about the extended family and, often, is all that remains of it.” – susan sontag

was uns bleibt

psst… this is a viral poster for the upcomming ich und mein tiger ep ”was uns bleibt”, wherefore i made the visual artwork.


photos from the “20xi — hochschultage 2011” at my art school open doors exhibition days. works by: aera of elo ero, ?, erste hilfe class, ?, martin petersen (me), caroline speisser, anna roberta vattes, philip wagner, sara käsmeyer, ?, stig inge, ?, zeitschrift der straße.

lorem ipsum

lorem ipsum, a performance by jeff hemmer at 20xi.

sometimes i'm just a lonely tea bag

“photographs document sequences of consumption carried on outside the view of family, friends, neighbors.” — susan sontag

disposable new years

new years 2010/2011 at zucker club in bremen.

nätter i hamburg

cozy nights in hamburg with good company, cold drinks & hangover thai food.

a thousand moves a minute

i contributed 2 photos to the 75 copies limited edition of a thousand moves a minute 2 zine, a “Small publication on quality silk paper which features photography and writings from 16 artists: Elias Carlson, Ryan Cahill, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Alex Simms, Christian Kluge, Ffion Atkinson, Martin Petersen, James Drew, Jak Hornblow, Michal Skrzypczak, Michael ten Pas, Berta Pfirsich, Amelie Niederbuchner, Jocelyn Catterson, Angeles Peña, and Maria Perry.” you can preorder it here. can't wait for my copy. photo by a stop.