a thousand moves a minute

i contributed 2 photos to the 75 copies limited edition of a thousand moves a minute 2 zine, a “Small publication on quality silk paper which features photography and writings from 16 artists: Elias Carlson, Ryan Cahill, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Alex Simms, Christian Kluge, Ffion Atkinson, Martin Petersen, James Drew, Jak Hornblow, Michal Skrzypczak, Michael ten Pas, Berta Pfirsich, Amelie Niederbuchner, Jocelyn Catterson, Angeles Peña, and Maria Perry.” you can preorder it here. can't wait for my copy. photo by a stop.


Celine KJ. said...

I love the way you use your camera, I love to take pictures by myself with my Canon EOS 30D :-) Well, you're a good photographer. xx Celine.

maybe you could check my blog out?

Hanseatin said...

Ich hatte dir bei Facebook eine Nachricht geschrieben, hattest du die bekommen? Betraf Malmö + Unterkunft.. Liebste Grüße

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