autumn is the time of movement & goodbyes. all the best for you, geneviève & kriesse. luckily the world is a village the size of a tea cup. vi ses snart*

sommer, herbst und winter worte

beim nächsten lied wird alles besser.

sova n°2

besides the other work i do on sova, there are also 2 photographs of me included in issue n°2.

dear diary

last sunday the shared car started to burn on my way from berlin to bremen. it was tanked with gas & filled with 3 football fans. as i got out the whole speedway was quickly covered with rusty chemical smoke. the fire dept. came after 15min, as 1/2 of the car was already burned down. all our backpacks & clothes smelled like chemical plastic smoke. the tow-truck driver took me to the next small town, from where i had to walk about 2 hours to the trainstation. verden is everything but a beautiful town. another thing to add to the list of very unique things that actually happend.


the other day we made a self-publish pop-up bookshop at the güterbahnhof open door days. with frederick hüttemann & jeferson brito andrade.


if you are into social networking, you can now like my artist page on facebook. though i don't know how it will turn out with the new facebook subscription feature, you can also subscribe to my normal private/public profile here.

we had a party

first bits of the sova magazine n°2 release party / exhibition. disposables coming up.


monday will be kiosk-monday from now on. let's start with rebecca cairns self-published photography book “ghost”. it has 40 pages & contains a selection of 27 photographs. her noir and mostly double exposured self-portraits are not only very intimate & well composed, they also express a transparency that makes you feel feer & a comfortable nearness at the same time. you can read a review from eric miller here. though it's printed on demand via blurb, it's quite expensive, but still very worth having in the shelf to take a closer look on her amazing work printed on paper. for recent updates you can take a look at her blog “portrait d'une femme”.

i wasn't trying to fool you 2

to meet you there

hello berlin. see you again tonight, for farewells & hoorays.

read me

songs from a room 2

a little high / a little low


breakfast diaries

my strawberry comfort zone.

affekt wird zwei

affekt blog birthday party & group exhibition. first exhibition photo unkown, second sarah bernhard, third jenny wildfang, fourth me & fifth conny winter. this was very a gorgerous night, thanks affekt!


one week berlin & hamburg

songs from a room

lover, put me in your beautiful bed & cover me.

dye dye

good morning news. the turqouise sova support tote bags are back (as well as full white ones) and they're quality is even better now too! you can grab them over sova magazine shop. whee! friendly & well printed by deviate industries.


the other day in berlin we had a blogger brunch (someone came up with that name while planning). tasty pancakes, icecreamed coffee & conversations like everybody was friends with everyone for a long time, even some of us just met. thanks evelyn, geneviéve, johanna & anna-lisa. repeat please.