my room is too small, boring / hospital like & way to expensive. at least i try to make it cozy & comfortable here. i'd really like to move out, share a flat with lovely people, get nice second hand furniture… — but it's not easy to find a flat one month in advance and for just 3 or 4 months from now. so maybe i'll just wait to come home. already miss my house-mates, our house with the kitchen, my beautiful attic room & the fast wifi connection.


ktinka said...

that's the other side of sweden. not so ideal living situations for students.
does look pretty cosy, though. i have seen worse :)

also: try to spend lots of time in cafés, or at the library! always good alternatives!

anouk said...

i like that kind of impressions, your kind of impressions.

Michela Heim said...

I love your photographs! and I love your blog! :)
are you studying photography? x

martin said...

thanks you two :)
@michela: i study intermedia design and have some photography classes too, but mainly it's a wonderfull passion in a self learning never ending process.
@ktinka: i do. sweden is just ♥

mariannebn said...


SpiegelEule said...

nun ja, das wird doch noch. bei den details fängt's an und am ende ists wieder ein schönes zuhause.

Bobby Blue said...

your room does look quite lovely though. But yeah I know what you mean. I want a nice house as well with a cozy living room and some lovely housemates.
You should move to spain. There's all these abandoned old houses there. You can just take one and make it all nice and then it's free I think.

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