this is bobby. she is awesome. bobby loves sweden, does great design & makes wonderful photography too. we are long-distance penpal, skype & fika friends for many years now. i hope to meet her in person again very soon. and again, and again. together we made up a lot of great plans for the most perfect futures cats can think of. today is her birthday. if you don't know her or her lovely blog already, feel free to take a look. många pussar och kramar till dig min härlig bobby.


eva said...


schlawittchen said...

I think you should change "take a loo" into "take a look". It could be misunderstood elsewise ;).

Bobby Blue said...


And I like your picture of my picture better..

ms. anonymous said...

i also hope can meet her in person someday.
she sounds fun!

ANNA said...

absolutely lovely!

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