this are movie stills from my, if i'd be ever able to define that propably, favourite movie “mein langsames leben” or “passing summer” (en) from angela schanelec (director) & reinhold vorschneider (cinematography). when it comes to rooms, spaces, silence, beautiful photography & drama they booth just do amazing work. the movie works withou any action scenes or background music to affect feelings artificially, but slow told dramatic stories, good actors and lots of stunning photography. you should also check out the other movies she made, like marseille, nachmittag or orly. i also recommend this interview about spaces she gave for


Anonymous said...

where might one find these movies? i looked them up at the usual pirateengines..but no luck.

martin said...

if you search for the german title on google ("title" rapidshare) something, you might find it. then not forget to download the subtitles.
better: you can buy the dvds here ;)

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