bonjour johanna

the other day i met the very inspiring johanna tagada for a tea, an exhibition & pizza afterwards. as we then gave up to find neurotitan in kreuzberg – which is actually located in berlin mitte as we found out later – we went free magazine shopping at voo & went by for a look at kjosk. now beeing back this grey days, i really miss the (berlin) sun & that kind of festival feeling that was around in the atmosphere.
btw: today is johannas birthday, yippey! i wish you all the very best & only wonderful days coming up. bis bald!


Bonjour Johanna said...

That's so lovely. Danke ! <3

Your pictures are really nice. The one showing my cheeks really made me smile.

I still have to finish the film on which there is the pictures of you. If there are ok I will send them to you.

I hope to see you again really soon! It was great to meet you in person.

And also thank you for your birthday wishes.

Bonne journee super chat,

PS: next week I will make it to Neurotitan ;)

Anonymous said...

great ♥
we should go for that beer someday aha

Anonymous said...

tres jolie, mlle johanna!

irene said...

great photos :)

Magda said...

Åh gud pizzan. Nu är jag dödshungrig.

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