cats like cats

…and they like pizza too. berlin is beautiful this time. i already met a lot of superior people & i still have 1 1/2 days left. these photos are from bremen, when my best friend came back from her pretty long holiday trip & we sat by the river and had pretty good pizza. i wish you all a very awesome summer. photos from berlin are coming next week.


the dying swans said...

war auch gerade in bremen, nur kurz für einen job. voll schön da, hätt ich nicht gedacht. überall diese kleinen aneinander geklebten häuser und gepflegte bürgersteige mit rosenbüschen im vorgarten.

Teye said...

Tolle Schuhe was sind das für welche?

Anonymous said...

ah i can't wait.

valnouveau said...

i want your pizza :D

Bonjour Johanna said...

Almost no internet since sunday morning.

I just wanted to tell you that it was really nice and funny to finally meet you! <3
Funny with your super energie (thank you coffee), and also to eat pizza with the cat pizza fan.

Hope you found the shop on sunday, and also to see you soon again.


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