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she said i have to stop the digital image overflow & look at printed photos in books and catalogs instead. so i do. this is my small media diet. sorry for maybe unfollowing your tumblr, but i need to concentrate on works that are actually good & interesting. nothing will change here. i'll keep reading my favorite blogs & tumblrs. comment, quote & feature. i stay with this blog as my photographic diary, the private life of cat & present my selected photographs on a new portfolio soon. i love the internet and you, all the friends & family i found here. meeting you on travelles, having fika and saying hello at our favorite places. this is not a fictional online activity, it's real life & real people in their own beauty. i'm always daydreaming of living together with all of you. but no, although i have an urgent wanderlust, i will not move to berlin yet ;)

it's nice to be seen & it's nice to see you.


Lena said...

Das finde ich gut.

smaracuja said...


johanna wallin said...


Bobby Blue said...

Thank you for writing this.
Slightly awkward to see myself there.

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