blogger is broken since 4 days now. 3 posts from me were still gone, so i recreated them. i closed the comments for them, because i still hope that they will restore the old ones. as my new design disappeared aswell, it's at least nice to see most of my favorite blogs working again. i hope that things will be back to normal soon, i already miss this kind of communication. but like always known & never to forget: there are so many amazing & beautiful things happening outside, right now. tea times on mountain tops, long walks at the riveside, collecting fleamarket souveniers & having you in front of my lens, not in front of my screen. good night everybody.


Joy said...

Sometimes I wish I was less dependent on the 'net. Thankfully I saw your all your wonderful posts and layout before Blogger crashed.

her ghosts. said...

tried to tell you the other day, but go figure, it didn't work: i like your new layout.

E v e l y n k a said...



Anonymous said...

blogger gave me hiccups. i saw your posts before they disappeared! and i really like your new layout, noticed that before.

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