no time

missing friends. missing play.


K said...


mYcheila said...

great :)

Emilia said...

i like how this is very two dimensional and i'm not going to even say about the colors.

s. said...

hejsan martin!

i just need to say that i love your magazine.

and while i am reading your blog inside my head there is always a voice saying "how great would it be if he makes a sova magazine about missing?" cause i think that is something that brings out the worst and of course the best of us.

and keep staying,
tattooing your soul!

hejda fran sthlm,

Kira said...

fantastisch, was soll ich noch sagen.
was für eine kamera benutzt du eigentlich? zB für dieses bild?

Rebecca Cairns said...

never enough time...

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