if you leave 2011

i'm part of the beautiful & neat selected photo book if you leave 2011, created & curated by laurence tarquin von thomas and published by arthur frank. if you leave is a collection of contemporary photography and includes work from 85 young photographers from all around the world. it's more concered with the impact of the single image, rather than a body of work by an individual photographer. works shown on the photos are by amber marie chavez, ana kras, jan durina, jelena markota, me & mary robinson. you can grab a copy here.


Nit said...

I saw the Jan Durina picture just today somewhere on the internet and I'm quite fascinated by it... and as I really like your work also, it looks like a wonderful publication. I'll look it up!

mYcheila said...

great work!

Mehran said...

i had no idea you were in it; i actually went to the exhibition in east london a couple of months ago and got a copy of it (the one in white)

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