music 2010

seen so many wonderful bands this year. special thanks to sweden for beeing the home for the nicest indiepop.
meine kleine deutsche, i might be wrong, pilocka krach, ja panik, hans unstern, hundreds, shout out louds, the pains of beeing pure at heart, u.s. girls, warpaint ♥ (photo by barbora). not captured on photofilm: palpitation, to all my friends, me succeeds, james yuill, touchy mob, crystal castles & the ones i forgot about. thank you all for helping in every possible situation in daily life. what scrobbled in 2010.


Bobby Blue said...

And you are very nice for talking about those bands every now and then and making me discover wonderful new music.

Soulmate said...

Uh, danke schön und das von einem Mann =).
Freut mich, und tollen Blog hast du hier.

Gefällt! ich komm nun öfter =)

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