atelier fine heininger

fine heininger is a printmaker, illustrator, graphic designer, artist, dj & friend from berlin. her original illustrative work is not only found on paper, but also on neatly selected cloth or tableware and comes in many different printing & painting methods. in 2009 she & johannes beck founded the label “mutual musik”, a platform to implement their own vision of contemporary club music and graphic design, where she is responsible for the impressive cover artworks & selectively plays ace dj sets from time to time. she also is half of “matrosenhunde”, a illustration-text-venture together with madeleine p. potganski, who recently released their first self published book “cool am alex” over blurb. on her walls you can see a lovely collection of printed matter created either by fine herself or her friends. works shown in the photographs above are from: fine heininger, fides sigeneger, matrosenhunde, fine heininger, matrosenhunde & frank höhne. the photographs were taken last summer.


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