sorry not updating my blog recently, i had a lot of work to do with my magazine called “sova”, that has been released last week. it comes in 2 editions & features works from 16 amazing artists. i will post some photos of it later, for now you can take a look at what annette wrote and if you like it, you can still get your copy here :)


her ghosts. said...

ich habe mir gerade die homepage & die fb-seite angeschaut. -- es ist ganz wunderbar geworden. (und ich fragte mich, warum sehe ich das erst jetzt? du hast den open call ja mit sicherheit auch hier gepostet.)

kmimp said...

sova sieht ziemlich großartig aus.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how proud you may feel.
Those photos are wonderful.

Hopscotch said...

A work of art!

Ohh, and a little package will be flying across the Atlantic this week....

Happy weekend! ;)

Phara said...

A pure beauty!
Can't wait until the mailman brings it to my door.

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