for the guerilla gardening class last semester with mareike foecking i did some projections at bremens central station called “flaneure, lumpensammler, huren & bohème”, which were related to the critical theory of the city by roger behrens and inspired by the stunning work of jenny holzer. actually you can't see the projection itself in this post, only see the stickers i made, but maybe you can find something here or there.


Sandra said...

Sista bilden = finfinfint!

ene said...

i adore jenny holzer's work! i saw one of her pieces (not a projection, but some kind of project related to travels). i loved it so much that i wrote her name down and googled it. i'm now into her work and it seriously can't stop amazing me.

i guess you had fun with the guerilla gardening :)

Anonymous said...

I like this post very much.

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